Razors Leadership Pathway

Christ Community’s Primary Leadership Development Pathway

The effectiveness and faithfulness of any local church is largely correlated to the quality and quantity of the leaders who serve that local church. Leaders matter. Without many faithful, Christ-centered, sacrificial leaders, the local church cannot be all that God has designed her to be.

Therefore, intentional leadership development has been central to Christ Community’s mission and culture since the very beginning. Leadership development happens in lots of different ways and places at Christ Community–from children’s ministry workshops, to worship arts teams, to all-church conferences, to conversations over coffee–leadership development is part of the air we breathe at Christ Community.

However, the primary, intentional avenue for leadership development at Christ Community is Razors Leadership Pathway.

What is Razors Leadership Pathway?
Razors Leadership Pathway is the place where men and women at Christ Community are “sharpened” (Proverbs 27:17) and refined as leaders so that they are razor-sharp, prepared to lead with integral hearts and skillful hands (Psalm 78:70-72) in the local church and in their community and world.

Who is it for?
Razors Leadership Pathway is designed for anyone at Christ Community who desires to become a more integral and effective leader, both in the church and in our community and world. Razors Leadership Pathway is designed to train and equip leaders at Christ Community and is generally the basic prerequisite for anyone wishing to serve in a place of leadership at Christ Community.

If you have any questions about whether this is the right pathway for you, feel free to contact one of our pastors below.

Brookside Campus: Bill Gorman
Downtown Campus: Gabe Coyle
Leawood Campus: Andrew Jones
Olathe Campus: Reid Kapple
Shawnee Campus: Tim Spanburg

When and where is it offered?

Offered every fall at each of Christ Community’s campuses, Razors Leadership Pathway is ten weeks long, beginning in September and finishing just before Thanksgiving. Childcare is provided on-site for all sessions at no charge.

What is involved?
Designed to engage multiple types of learning and formation, it includes teaching, conversation, reading, Scripture memory, and Bible study. Each 1-hour and 45-minute session includes a mixture of teaching, Q&A, and guided group discussion.

Participants complete 2-3 hours of work and activities (reading, study, Bible memory, etc.) to prepare for each session. This work helps enrich the sessions and is a vital part of the learning experience. These assignments, as well as additional resources to help participants go deeper, are found on the Razor Leadership Pathway website.

Participants are encouraged to bring a Bible and a way to take notes each session, as well as any books or articles that are being discussed during that session.

Who are the teachers?
While it will vary from campus to campus, the teaching team includes Christ Community’s Campus Pastors, Senior Pastors, and other pastoral staff.

What topics are covered?
Razors Leadership Pathway begins with a focus on what means to be integral as a person and leader. Then the focus turns to how to lead with skillful hands. Throughout the ten sessions, a wide variety of leadership, biblical, theological, and practical issues and topics are discussed.

How is it different from the Community Group-based discipleship curriculum?
Razors Leadership Pathway expands on and adds to the concepts that are developed in the Community Group-based discipleship curriculum. It is designed to take the conversation to the next level in terms of scope, expectations, and commitment with a focus on leadership development.